Great British Pub Card

Great British Pub Card is a service offering gift cards which can be redeemed at over 1700 pubs across the nation. They work with some of the biggest names in chain pubs and family entertainment. The Great British Pub Card is flexible, convenient and offers the choice of dining and drinking options and experiences. Perfect for families, couples of drinks with work colleagues. 

How We Helped: Great British Pub Card asked us to create a website which allowed them to cement their brand with their network and maintain their sales and inventory. The system we created allows their purchases to be sent out as a digital code to be delivered by email or SMS text, or a physical version to be mailed out.

Full DNN Content Management System, Website Design, Stripe payment integration, separate B2B system for bulk orders

Referrel Link

Referral Link is a networking group for local businesses. They allow their members to build their business through access to recommendations, referrals, insight and support in a friendly, informal and informative atmosphere.

How We Helped: Referral Link required a website that would allow members to join and pay for membership. With an additional admin facility to manage members and their subscriptions. 

Full DNN Content Management System, Website Design, Content Management system training. Stripe payment integration. 

Fay’s Bistro

Fay’s Bistro is an eatery located in Calne, Wiltshire. They offer a wide array of home cooked meals, cakes, tea and coffee. They are heavily involved in their community and have become a bit of a hub for the surrounding area to meet-up, eat, drink and enjoy what their town has to offer.

How We Helped: Fay’s Bistro enlisted us to help with their new website, as they wanted something modern, flashy and integrated with their popular social media presence. They also wanted a website that would be easy to update in their own time.

Full WordPress Content Management System, Website Design, Content Management system training.


Allen Carr’s Easyway was founded in London, England, by Allen Carr, a former chain-smoker. In July 1983, after countless miserable attempts to quit, Allen discovered what every smoker dreams of: an effective, immediate and easy way to quit smoking. Today, Allen’s seminars are available in over 150 cities in 50 countries. 

How We Helped: Easyway asked us to build a website which allowed their clients to book in-person seminars at numerous locations around North America. Additionally, the website allowed clients to purchase access to online stop smoking videos or purchase the Allen Carr Stop Smoking book.

Full DNN Content Management System, Website Design, Content Management system training. PayPal payment integration.


Minerva Elite provides bespoke learning & development for executive teams and workforces using a combination of psychology, management training tools, academic research and practical team exercises and experiences. 

How We Helped: Minerva came to us for our experience with the DNN content management system. Their needs required restricted access to training materials that other systems could not live up to. After having a sit down meeting, we analysed their requirements and built a website that suits their needs.

Full DNN Content Management System, Website Design, Content Management system training.